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SiliaPrepTips Micro-SPE Cartridges are designed for micro-purification and micro-extraction of femtomole (fmol) to picomole (pmol) quantities of analytes prior to the analysis by mass spectrometric and/or chromatographic techniques. The constant improvement of these techniques of analysis has allowed scientists to decrease the limit of quantification of several applications. This lower limit has pushed SPE manufacturers to design new SPE cartridges accepting small volumes of analytes.

These tips are specially designed to achieve extraction and purification of small molecules, peptides, phosphopeptides and proteins. SiliaPrep Tips Micro-SPE cartridges are available in 3 different cartridge formats based on the binding capacity of each embedded sorbent. They are packed with SiliCycle's SiliaBond functionalised silica gels and speciality phases to cover the broadest spectrum of applications requiring small volume of analytes. The SiliaBond phases are embedded directly in the inner surface of the tip to provide consistent flow rates. Finally, no glue has been used during the packing procedure in order to prevent any contamination of the anaylyte.

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