Greyhound Chromatography & Allied Chemicals was originally certified to ISO 9000 in 1995. We continue to work hard to maintain; and where possible, improve the high quality of our operating procedures.

We source products from approved suppliers around the world. All of whom are accredited to ISO Guide 9001:2008,

ISO 17025 or ISO Guide 34, thus ensuring continuity of products, manufactured to the highest quality.

Download copies of the certifications in PDF format below:

Greyhound Chromatography ISO9001:2015 Expiry 10.01.21

Greyhound Chromatography ISO 9001:2008       Expiry 10.01.18

Greyhound Chromatography Trade Mark Registration

Chem Service ISO 17025       Expiry 31.7.18

Chem Service ISO Guide 34 Certificate Expiry 31.7.18

Chem Service ISO 9001         Expiry 14.9.2018

Hamilton Certificates of Accreditation (External Link)

Hamilton ISO 9001       Expiry 10.1.18        


High Purity Standards ISO 9001   Expiry 29.5.18                       High Purity Standards ISO Guide 34   Expiry 3.1.18

High Purity Standards ISO 17025   Expiry 3.1.18      


SGE  (A Trajan Company)  ISO 9001   Expiry 31-10-17

Sigma Aldrich Worldwide Accreditation Schedule
 (External Link)

VWR Compliance & Certification (External Link)


Wellington Laboratories Quality Management (External Link)

Wellington Laboratories ISO Guide 34   Expiry 17-2-2019                 Wellington Laboratories Quality Brochure 

Wellington ISO 9001 2008 Exp. 14.9.2018

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