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Certified Ethanol Standards – % ABV (Alcohol by Volume)


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Paragon Scientific's Certified Ethanol Standards are certified for % ABV (Alcohol by Volume) and are designed to be used for the calibration and/or verification of alcoholmeters or densitometers used to determine alcohol content, and for monitoring analytical perfromance of analyst or methodology.  Each Certified Reference Material (CRM) is dual certified to ISO 17025 and ISO 17034 under Paragon's UKAS accreditiation. 

Importance of Measuring Alcohol Content:


It is a typical requirement for alcohol products to be labelled with an alcoholic strength or an alcohol content value, generally a percentage volume of alcohol content. Determining and measuring the
alcohol (ethanol) content is critical for quality control purposes and to ensure the declaration of alcohol content is correct for industry and tax measurements.


Accurate and precise measurements will be of critical importance to any distillery to ensure that their products meet the correct alcohol content. Regular calibration and / or verification of the
performance of alcoholmeters or densitometers using certified reference materials helps ensure that laboratories comply with quality control standards and produce reliable results with maximum accuracy.

These Ethanol CRMs are certified in strict accordance to both ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC 17034 as per our accreditation to the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). Manufactured to a
premium quality, Paragon’s dual UKAS accreditation to ISO 17025 and ISO 17034 provides a level of confidence and assurance that international guidelines are followed in the production, labelling,
and assignment of property values to materials, including stability and homogeneity determinations.

Each CRM provides traceability of measurement to recognised national standards, and to units of measurement realised at the National Physics Laboratory (NPL), National Institute of Standards &
Technology (NIST) or other recognised national standards laboratories, so end users can be confident the results are metrologically traceable. The alcohol content is certified in accordance
with the UK Revenue & Customs Laboratory Alcohol Table.

Key Benefits:

  • Certified in strict accordance to ISO 17025 and ISO 17034 under our UKAS accreditation.  
  • Highest level of accreditation guarantee, providing the most credible certified data available
  • Suitable for the calibration and/or verification of alcoholmeters or densitometers used to determine alcohol content, and for monitoring analytical performance of analyst or
  • Fully traceable to international standards and low levels of uncertainty achieves maximum accuracy of data.
  • Supplied in 25 mL volume, tamper integrity.
  • Manufactureded in the United Kingdom
  • 12 month shelf life


Certified Ethanol Standards – % ABV (Alcohol by Volume)


ETWA05 Certified Ethanol Standard – 5 % ABV (Alcohol by Volume), UKAS ISO 17025 & ISO 17034 Certified, 25 mL

ETWA15 Certified Ethanol Standard – 15 % ABV (Alcohol by Volume), UKAS ISO 17025 & ISO 17034 Certified, 25 mL

ETWA40 Certified Ethanol Standard – 40 % ABV (Alcohol by Volume), UKAS ISO 17025 & ISO 17034 Certified, 25 mL

ETWA70 Certified Ethanol Standard – 70 % ABV (Alcohol by Volume), UKAS ISO 17025 & ISO 17034 Certified, 25 mL


 Paragon Scientific has successfully transitioned from ISO Guide 34 to the new standard ISO/IEC 17034:2016, after their recent assessment from the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS)

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 Paragon Scientific 17025 Accreditation PDF Download 

Historically, Paragon Scientific has been accredited to ISO Guide 34 to prove our competency as a Reference Material Producer. A new standard to replace ISO Guide 34 was published in November 2016, ISO 17034, and it was internationally agreed that there will be a 3-year transitionary period to allow organisations accredited to ISO Guide 34 to move to the new standard.

Paragon Scientific  are happy to announce that we have successfully completed the migration as soon as possible, to ensure customers have the confidence we demonstrate technical competence to the latest international requirements.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

"Our methods say we must use ISO Guide 34 products. Can we still buy from Paragon?"

Yes,  you  can.  Our  products  still  meet  or  exceed  the  requirements  of ISO Guide 34, and now meet the higher requirements of ISO/IEC 17034:2016.

 "Some of your products still reference ISO Guide 34. Are they still ok to use?"

Yes, they are.  It will take a short time for us to update our calibration certificates, labels and website, but you can be assured that the products are still produced to the high standards you have come to expect from Paragon Scientific.

 "Why should we use a producer accredited to ISO 17034?"

It demonstrates that the Reference Material Producer has been independently assessed and proven to have the technical competence to produce Reference Materials (RMs), including Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) to International recognised standard.

  Benefits of Using an Accredited ISO 17034:

  • Peace of mind. Our accreditation is proof of our technical competence as a Reference Material Producer, independently assessed by UKAS.
  • Internationally recognised credentials. International standards are essential to global cooperation across multiple industries. Our accredited Certified Reference Materials have the right signatories to prove the claims we make and are traceable to international test methods.
  • Quality Assurance. Purchasing accredited Certified Reference Materials provides an opportunity to improve laboratory efficiency, Quality Control and Assurance.
  • Trusted supplier. Not only can customers feel confident about our products, but can trust Paragon Scientific as a supplier for our technical expertise and delivering excellent customer service.

Why choose Paragon?


All of Paragon’s products have been manufactured to the highest certification integrity coupled with premium quality. Every certificate provides low levels of uncertainty of measurement and is fully
traceable to international methodology. With an excellent reputation across multiple industries, Paragon provides excellent customer service, technical support and prompt delivery to all its customers.


Paragon Scientific has always sought to certify its products to the highest metrological level it can achieve, this has been one of its key objectives since the company was founded and has set them
apart from other reference material producers.


Integrity and Quality has and always will be at the forefront for Paragon Scientific, which is evidenced by their accreditations to ISO 17025 and ISO 17034 under UKAS and the long-standing
relationships with end-users and the worldwide partners they work with. Integrity and Quality are embedded across all their business activities and provides the framework in how they approach
new ideas and operate.




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