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High Quality: High purity chemicals for use as certified reference materials

Cost Effective: Products packaged in small quantities to minimize expenses

Wide Selection: 1,200 pesticide and metabolite reference standards (including banned and discontinued items)

Certification backed with experience: 50 years of experience. ISO 9001:2008 : ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certification :

ISO Guide 34:2009 For Organic Reference Material




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CAS # 101200-48-0

Flumioxazin Solution 100ug/ml in Toluene; PS-2245JS

Part Number: S-11991U1-1ML
Pack Size: 1ML

4-Bromobenzylamine hydrochloride ; 2390K

Part Number: NG-15259-10MG
Pack Size: 10MG
CAS # 26177-44-6

Cyclopentane propionic acid ; 3322F

Part Number: NG-15868-1G
Pack Size: 1G
CAS # 140-77-2

6-Amino-2-naphthalene sulfonic acid, No C oF A , 1848B

Part Number: NG-14855-1G
Pack Size: 1G
CAS # 93-00-5

Zirconyl chloride, No C oF A , I-6830

Part Number: NG-I6830-1G
Pack Size: 1G
CAS # 7699-43-6

Triethanolamine palmitate, No C oF A , S-78

Part Number: NG-S78-1G
Pack Size: 1G

1-Hydroxy-2-naphthoic acid , O-105

Part Number: N-10062-1G
Pack Size: 1G
CAS # 86-48-6

1,3-Diethyl-2-thiourea, No C oF A , Ou-58

Part Number: NG-10194-1G
Pack Size: 1G
CAS # 105-55-5

1,3,5-Trichlorobenzene ; F2050

Part Number: N-10203-250MG
Pack Size: 250MG
CAS # 108-70-3

Edifenphos ; Hinosan®; O-Ethyl S;S-diphenylphosphorodithioate; PS-2066

Part Number: N-11844-100MG
Pack Size: 100MG
CAS # 17109-49-8

4-Chloro-2-nitrobenzoic acid ; 3051K

Part Number: NG-15691-100MG
Pack Size: 100MG
CAS # 6280-88-2

N-Nitrosodiphenylamine ; F62; O-374

Part Number: N-12573-500MG
Pack Size: 500MG
CAS # 86-30-6

Diethyl adipate ; O-478

Part Number: N-11692-500MG
Pack Size: 500MG
CAS # 141-28-6

Cycloheximide Solution 100ug/ml in Acetonitrile; PS-1002AJS

Part Number: S-11534A1-1ML
Pack Size: 1ML