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High Quality: High purity chemicals for use as certified reference materials

Cost Effective: Products packaged in small quantities to minimize expenses

Wide Selection: 1,200 pesticide and metabolite reference standards (including banned and discontinued items)

Certification backed with experience: 50 years of experience. ISO 9001:2008 : ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certification :

ISO Guide 34:2009 For Organic Reference Material




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p-Carboxybenzenesulfonamide, No C oF A , 2760

Part Number: NG-15495-1G
Pack Size: 1G
CAS # 138-41-0

3,3'-Dimethyl-4,4'-diaminodiphenylmethane ; O-2399

Part Number: N-10763-100MG
Pack Size: 100MG
CAS # 838-88-0

Sodium citrate, No C oF A , I-5510

Part Number: NG-I5510-1G
Pack Size: 1G
CAS # 6132-04-3

Clodinafop-propargyl Solution 100ug/ml in Toluene; PS-2276JS

Part Number: S-11489U1-1ML
Pack Size: 1ML

Monocrotophos Solution 100ug/ml in Acetonitrile; PS-609AJS

Part Number: S-12493A1-1ML
Pack Size: 1ML

Allyl bromide , O-655

Part Number: N-11055-1G
Pack Size: 1G
CAS # 106-95-6

o-Bromoaniline, No C oF A , 2298A

Part Number: NG-15187-1G
Pack Size: 1G
CAS # 615-36-1

Phenylmercaptoacetic acid, No C oF A , 6990F

Part Number: NG-17520-1G
Pack Size: 1G
CAS # 103-04-8

Copper (I) cyanide, No C oF A , I-2960

Part Number: NG-I2960-1G
Pack Size: 1G
CAS # 544-92-3

Bis-(2-chloroethyl)amine hydrochloride ; 1201L

Part Number: NG-14549-1G
Pack Size: 1G
CAS # 821-48-7

D-()-Maltose hydrate , CARB-12 O-938

Part Number: N-11553-1G
Pack Size: 1G
CAS # 6363-53-7

N-Ethyl-m-toluidine ; 4525K

Part Number: NG-16508-100MG
Pack Size: 100MG
CAS # 102-27-2

Organophosphorous Pesticides Mixture #4 - 622 1000ug/ml in Hexane; OPP622-3JM

Part Number: M-OPP6223J4-1ML
Pack Size: 1ML

Tetrahydrofurfuryl maleate, No C oF A , 7910

Part Number: NG-17760-1G
Pack Size: 1G

Bis(2-chloroethoxy)methane ; F43

Part Number: N-11211-1G
Pack Size: 1G
CAS # 111-91-1