Gas Dry Filter

The Gas Dry Filter is a moisture and dust filter suitable for drying laboratory air or central air supplies. It has a high-strength polycarbonate body with aluminum endcaps and standard 1/8" S/S Compression fittings.

The Filter is filled with molecular sieve and CoFree moisture indicator. The CoFree changes from greenish-yellow to blue at low relative humidity to warn of leaks in the gas stream.

For applications requiring very high levels of purity we recommend using one of the chromatography-grade gas Filters, such as the ZPure Glass Moisture Filter (202234-B or 202236-B) or the ZPure H2O Filter (202230-B, 202231-B, 202230-SS or 1202231-SS) if no visual indicator is required.

Dimensions: 3.5 x 26cm

**Not recommended for Hydrogen use.**