100% Dimethyl polysiloxone

  • Bonded and cross-linked phase
  • Non-polar
  • Long lifetime
  • Very low bleed at high temperatures
  • General purpose column, suitable for a wide range of appliations including solvent impurities, PCBs, arochlors, drugs of abuse, gases, sulphur compounds, essential oils, hydrocarbons, semi-volatiles, pesticides, oxygenates.
  • High thermal stability

    GC-1 Similar Phases

  • Agilent: DB-1, HP-1, HP101, ULTRA-1
  • Alltec: AT-1
  • Macherey-Nagel: OPTIMA-1
  • Quadrex: 007-1
  • Restek: Rtx-2887
  • SGE: BP-1
  • Supelco: EQUITY-1, SPB-1, MDN-1
  • Varian: CP-SIL 5 CB
  • Other Manufacturers:OV-1, SE-30, DC-200, PE-1, ZB-1

    USP: G1, G2, G38

    More information is available in the Greyhound Q-Cap Capillary Columns catalogue.