95% Dimethyl - (5%) diphenylpolysiloxane

  • Bonded and cross-linked phase
  • Non-polar
  • Specially manufactured column to fulfill the level of inertness required by the EPA methods for the analysis of semi-volatile compounds, designed for methods 625, 1625, 8270 and CLP protocols
  • Inertness and minimum absorption for acidic, basic and neutral compounds
  • High temperature limit
  • Excellent thermal stability and low bleed

    GC-5.625 Similar Phases

  • Agilent: DB-5.625
  • Restek: Rtx-XTI-5
  • SGE: BPX-5
  • Supelco: PTE-5

    More information is available in the Greyhound Q-Cap Capillary Columns catalogue.