The Q-Col range of GenSphere HPLC columns are manufactured using silica of exceptional purity.

It is a totally porous, perfectly spherical particle, without surface irregularities and having extremely low metals content (Al, Fe, Ti and Zn).

The elimination of micro-pores on the surface of the silica enables a perfectly reproducible porosity resulting in the absence of chromatographic problems often found with other packing materials.

Q-Col HPLC Columns are available in a complete range of chemistries enabling the chromatographer to perform analyses across a broad spectrum of columns.

Advantages of Q-COL HPLC Columns are;

  • Ultra-pure silica
  • Exceptional batch-to-batch reproducibility
  • Perfectly spherical silica
  • Extremely low metals content
  • 3,5 and 10µm particle sizes
  • pH range between 1.5 and 11.0
  • Available with 300Å pore size for biochemistry
  • Easily scales-up, from microbore to preparative HPLC
  • Wide range of packings
  • Exceptionally long lifetime
  • Fully deactivated after functional bonding.