Greyhound Spheripak™ ODS1 3um 250mm x 4.6mm

The new Q-Col Spheripak™ HPLC silica has been specially developed to replace Waters Spherisorb™ one of the most popular packings on the market today.

Every parameter of the material has been evaluated to confirm total correlation between the two materials and the results of rigorous testing by users in many different fields confirm the excellent results obtained by using Q-Col Spheripak™

Our strictly controlled manufacturing processes have been specifically designed to ensure the maximum reproducibility and efficiency of every Q-Col Spheripak™ HPLC column.

We are so confident your Q-Col Spheripak™ column will work in an identical manner to the equivalent WS column - we guarantee it! If you are dissatisfied in any way with it comparative performance we will refund the price you paid.

The table below shows the comparative physiochemical characteristics between the Q-Col Spheripak™ and WS materials.