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  • High-Purity Standards has proudly served the scientific community for the past twenty years with high quality spectrometric standards and reference materials for AAS, ICP, ICP-MS, GC, GC-MS and IC, and has now expanded their stocked reference materials to include ISO Guide 34 multi-component organic reference materials.

  • Approximately one-half of High-Purity Standards business is in the preparation of custom blends and difficult to prepare special mixtures. In addition, they have expanded their  Organics lab. It's now bigger and better to meet increased demand.

  • New products of note include expanded spiked filter products in addition to organic reference materials designed to meet EPA testing requirements and additional products from customer requests.


High Purity Standards Catalogue

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12 element Metallorganic in mineral oil 100g size

Part Number: OMS-12-100
Pack Size: 100mL

ICP Wavelength Calibration Standard in 2% HCl

Part Number: WAVECAL-250
Pack Size: 250mL

Palladium (Pd 1000 µg/mL in 10% HNO3 TrHCl

Part Number: 100038-1-50
Pack Size: 50mL

Silicon (Si) 10 µg/mL in H2O

Part Number: 1050-4-100
Pack Size: 100mL

Scandium (Sc) 1000 µg/mL in 2% HCl

Part Number: 100048-2-500
Pack Size: 500mL

Silicon (Si) 1000 µg/mL in H2O

Part Number: 100050-4-250
Pack Size: 250mL

EPA 200.7 Calibration Standard 1 in 2% HNO3

Part Number: ICP-200.7-1-50
Pack Size: 50mL
EPA Method 200.7 Calibration Standards

ICP-MS Calibration Standard Modified in 2% HNO3 Tr HF

Part Number: ICP-MSCS-M-100
Pack Size: 100mL

Tantalum (Ta) 1000 µg/mL in 2% HNO3 0.5% HF

Part Number: 100055-3-50
Pack Size: 50mL

Praseodymium (Pr) 1000 µg/mL in 2% HNO3

Part Number: 100042-1-250
Pack Size: 250mL

Cerium (Ce) 100 µg/mL in 2% HNO3

Part Number: 10010-1-250
Pack Size: 250mL

Potassium (K) 10 µg/mL in 2% HNO3

Part Number: 1041-1-100
Pack Size: 100mL

Arsenic (As) 100 µg/mL in 2% HNO3

Part Number: 1003-1-250
Pack Size: 250mL

Boron (B) 100 µg/mL in H2O

Part Number: 1007-4-500
Pack Size: 500mL

Barium (Ba) 1000 µg/mL in 2% HCl

Part Number: 10004-2-500
Pack Size: 500mL