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Honeywell Hydranal 40th Anniversary Celebrations | Greyhound Chromatography

Hydranal 40th Anniversary Celebrations

Changing the World with Karl Fischer Titration

Did you know the first bottle of Hydranal was produced in November 1979? It was made in Seelze, Germany, at the very same plant where Hydranal is still manufactured today.

For 40 years Hydranal has strived bring you reagents you can always rely on because we understand that what you do impacts the world. Join us in celebrating our legacy & find out what’s next in Karl Fischer Titration (KFT)!

Global Seminar Tour

A celebration across 40 cities! Join us for one day where, along with our partners, we will be showcasing the evolution of the Karl Fischer Titration technique, the latest innovations and of course, helping you perfect your analysis. Register here to attend!

Global Karl Fischer Titration Contest

We are looking for the Most Experienced KFT User, Most Challenging and Most Impactful KFT Applications. Apply now and win exciting prizes! Prizes include a trip to “Meet the Hydranal Experts” in Germany, on demand training, free reagents, media feature & more. Coming soon!

Next Gen Hydranal

Hydranal reagents have consistently been at the forefront of innovation in Karl Fischer Titration for 40 years. Find out more about our next generation of products for the modern KFT user. Coming soon!