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Honeywell Research Chemicals


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for more than 200 years

Honeywell's story began more than 200 years ago when German chemist Johann Daniel Riedel successfully manufactured pharmaceutical products. While the world has changed greatly since then, Honeywell remains committed to providing the highest quality chemicals through innovative and cutting-edge manufacturing processes. Explore Honeywell's diverse product line to discover how Greyhound Chromatography can help your lab. 




Honeywell Research Chemicals

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Hydranal Karl Fisher TitrationLeading the way in innovation and safety since 1979, Hydranal™ reagents for Karl Fischer titration have been recognized as the most trusted brand in the industry.  

Honeywell Water Determination in Crude Oil  Honeywell Insulating Oil  Honeywell Nitrogen Bases  Honeywell Determinitation in Dimethyl Sulfoxide
 Honeywell Water Determinitation in Aldehydes and Ketones  Honeywell Hydranal Manual  Honeywell Karl Fisher Titration with Hydranal-Methanol Rapid  Honeywell High confidence. Accurate Results

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Best practice in Karl Fischer Titration


Honeywell Karl Fischer Titration Guide

Chromasolv Solvents

With more than 100 dedicated solvents and blends, Chromasolv™ solvents offer better impurity profiles and higher lot-to-lot consistency. 


Chromasolv High Purity Solvents  Chromasolv Head to Head comparison  Chromasolv Residual Solvents Analysis

 Fluka Analytical Standards

Be confident and advance your research with Honeywell's Fluka™ Analytical Standards.

Honeywell's standards come complete with printed COA and free expert technical support. 

Fluka Analytical Standards




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