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How Does Plastic Pollution Affect Marine Life and How Can We Reduce It? | Greyhound Environmental

How Does Plastic Pollution Affect Marine Life and How Can We Reduce It?

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When you gaze out onto the ocean, your mind probably thinks of the glorious marine life, the vast depths, and wonder of coral reefs and dolphins. Something you might not think of though is the huge amounts of plastic pollution floating, sinking, and decomposing in the ocean. 

It’s a hard concept to grasp. Even though you might not see heaps upon heaps of plastic pollution in the ocean, it’s there, and it’s dramatically altering the lives of the marine animals that call the sea home. 

If you’re unaware of plastic pollution -- both what it is, exactly, and the amounts that are piling up in our oceans -- you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to explain the origin of plastic pollution, how it piles up in our oceans, and the steps you can take to reduce it.

The problem is getting worse and worse every day. It’s only with calculated steps, strategic planning, of the dispersion of knowledge that we can help to fight plastic pollution in our vast waters.

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