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Macherey - Nagel Products from Greyhound Chromatography

Macherey Nagel Chromatography Group

Greyhound Chromatography Proud to Represent Macherey - Nagel

 For more than 100 years MACHEREY-NAGEL has represented high quality, innovative,  and reliable products for biomolecular and chemical analysis.  Greyhound Chromatography is delighted to be recognised as a global distributor for Macherey-Nagel’s range of products.

Macherey Nagel’s comprehensive portfolio includes products for Filtration, Rapid Tests, Water Analysis, Chromatography, and Bioanalysis. With a portfolio of over 20,000 products that are manufactured to fit individual customer needs their extensive range of products are available directly from Greyhound for shipment from their UK warehouse.

As a result of innovative research and development activities for years MACHEREY-NAGEL products are regarded as very reliable analytical tools worldwide. Numerous patents and third party certifications (ISO, CE, FDA, etc.) underline their expertise.

Macherey Nagel’s products cover many different industries: Food Industry, Healthcare, Biotechnology, Environmental Analysis, Forensics, Pharmaceutical, Textiles, Printing, Milk & Dairy Industry, Veterinarians to name but a few.

A wealth of detailed product information can be viewed or downloaded from www.mn-net.com.  

Macherey Nagel Filtration Product Image Filtration
Filter papers | Extraction thimbles | Membranes | Syringe filters | 96-well plates
Filtration cartridges | Porafil® | CHROMAFIL® | Filter Finder
Macherey Nagel Chromatography Products Image

CHROMABOND® | QuEChERS | LC Adsorbents | Vials and caps | VialFinder 
CHROMAFIL® filters | Application Database

Macherey Nagel Rapid Tests Product Image Rapid Tests
Test papers | Test strips | Urine analysis | pH-Fix | QUANTOFIX® | AQUADUR®
Medi-Test URYXXON® | PEHANON® | DiaQuant®
Macherey Nagel Water Analysis Product Image Water analysis
Colorimetric and titrimetric test kits | Photometric water analysis 
Microbiological tests | VISOCOLOR® | NANOCOLOR® | BioFix®
Macherey Nagel Bio Analysis Product Image Bioanalysis
DNA/RNA purification | Protein purification | Accessories | Auxiliary tools and transfer media  
New products  | NucleoBond® | NucleoSpin® | NucleoFast® | NucleoMag® | Protino®
Bioanalysis KitFinder 

PLEASE NOTE  Not all Macherey -  Nagel's products are listed on our website, please visit www.mn-net.com for products details, note the part number you require and request a quotation from sales@greyhoundchrom.com


A classical separation technique known for many years, is widely used in every laboratory. MACHEREY-NAGEL filter papers are manufactured in their own paper mill, which is an integral part of their production facilities in Germany. This product range covers more than 7,000 items.

Your benefit::

 • Reproducible filtration results from batch-to-batch

• Customized filter papers for special applications

• MN high quality filter papers “Made in Germany”

Macherey-Nagel Filtration Long Panel

Rapid Tests

MACHEREY-NAGEL rapid tests for quick and easy analysis – ranging from basic pH papers to medical diagnostic test strips for urine analysis – comply with international standard methods. MN test papers and test strips do not require specific chemical expertise or lab experience to obtain error-free results. Your benefit: • Easy to handle with short response time • Reliable and comparable results • Low-cost and safe method for on-site and laboratory analysis.

Macherey-Nagel Rapid Tests Images






Water Analysis

Colorimetric and photometric test kits cover all relevant parameters of water and wastewater analysis. Besides ready-to-use reagents as standard and tube tests, MACHEREY-NAGEL also offers photometers and heating blocks for universal use. Moreover, a complete quality assurance program to safeguard results in analytical quality control is available. Your benefit: • Precise and accurate results based on high quality reagents and state-of-the-art-instrumentation • Easy-to-follow methods • One-stop service for all of your analytical needs


MACHEREY-NAGEL’s expertise in R&D and manufacturing of separation media is based on many years of experience in silica technology. The introduction of spherical HPLC particles and commercially available ready-to-use thin-layer-chromatography products are just two milestones emphasizing the pioneering task of MN in promoting this separation technique, which today is omnipresent in analytical labs all over the world. Our customers can choose from more than 4,000 HPLC, TLC, GC, and sample preparation products. Our online database comprising around 3,000 application examples is available free of charge. Your benefit: • Advisory support provided by our team of highly qualified chromatography experts • Reproducible results based on highest vertical range of manufacture • Flexible and tailor-made solutions according to your individual demands.

 Application database: www.mn-net.com/apps

Bio Analysis

Based on MACHEREY-NAGEL’s long-time experience in separation technology combined with our know-how in manufacturing of chromatographic media, we launched ready-to-use DNA and RNA purification kits about 20 years ago. Today we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of bioanalysis products for DNA, RNA, and protein purification highly esteemed in leading laboratories worldwide. Your benefit: • Reproducible results at the highest stage • Tailor-made, innovative products • Successful follow-up analysis based on short preptimes, high purity, and maximum yield.

Macherey - Nagel Quality Assurance System

Our fully documented quality assurance system applies to each area of activity of MACHEREY-NAGEL and has been implemented in compliance with EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485. Effectiveness and improvement of the QA System are subject to regular external audits by TÜV Rheinland and FDA. Your benefit: • Continuous quality improvement • Products maintain the high level of quality • Reproducible measurement results from batch to batch.


Macherey-Nagel Chromatography Catalogue



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