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Oxychlordane (CAS# 27304-13-8) Chem Service Inc Certified Reference Standards Supplied by Greyhound Chromatography

Oxychlordane (CAS# 27304-13-8) 

Chem Service Certified Reference Standard



Oxychlordane is a Organochlorine compound, one of the most common chlordane-related environmental contaminants. It is the major metabolite of the cis-chlordane and trans-chlordane.Oxychlordane is considerably more toxic than the parent compound. It has recently become available to Chem Service,  who have introduced it to us at Greyhound. This will be avaliable to order from us soon once we have launched it through our website. 


Part #:MET-11425A-10MG
CAS: 27304-13-8
Pesticide type: Metabolite
Substance group: Organochlorine
Chemical formula: C10H4Cl8O
Multilingual MSDS avaliable, please email us to find out more using info@greyhoundchrom.com  

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