APC30FE - BlueShadow 40P Pump with 50ml pump head, Stainless Steel inlays, accessories included (for high temperature applications)

For HPLC applications

For analyzing substance mixtures that can be dissolved in a solvent or solvent mixture.

  • Biochemistry analyses
  • Chiral analyses
  • Food analyses
  • Pharmaceutical analyses
  • Environmental analyses

    The APC30FE BlueShadow 40P Pump is designed to provide exceptionally precise and reliable solvent delivery for a wide range of HPLC and dosing applications. Exchangeable pump heads with maximum flow rates of 10 and 50 ml/min cover a wide range of high-pressure dosing tasks. Practically pulse-free flow is achieved by our enhanced smart drive control which actively prevents pressure ripple instead of just dampening it. The improved design also ensures a low dead volume.

    Pump heads for high-temperature applications enable solivent delivery at up to 120°C. Minimize temperature gradients by adding a pump head heater and insulation sleeve.

    For additional technical specifications, please view the downloadable brochure.

    OTHER PUMP MODELS ARE AVAILABLE ON REQUEST - Please contact our sales department to discuss your specific requirements.