APD20MC - BlueShadow 80P Pump with 500ml pump head, Titanium inlays, automatic back seal washing, accessories included

Touchscreen control, automatic pump head recognition

The APD20MC Preparative 80P Pump delivers a stable and precise solvent flow for semi-preparative as well as preparative HPLC applications. By adding one or more additional pumps, binary, ternary or even quaternary high-pressure gradient systems can be easily configured. The pump can also be equipped with a binary or ternary gradient valve block to configure cost-effective low-pressure gradient systems. Exchangeable pump heads for flow rates up to 1000 ml/min and pressures up to 40 MPa make it possible to easily optimize the pump to changing performance requirements and allow simple maintenance. Available in stainless steel or biocompatible titanium versions, the pump heads enable a wide range of applications.

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