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Pyriofenone (CAS# 688046-61-9) Chem Service Inc Certified Reference Standards Supplied by Greyhound Chromatography

Pyriofenone (CAS# 688046-61-9)

Chem Service Certified Reference Standard

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A novel preventative and curative fungicide for the control of powdery mildew. It has recently become available to Chem Service,  who have introduced it to us at Greyhound. This will be avaliable to order from us soon once we have launched it through our website. 
Part #:N-14208-10MG
CAS: 688046-61-9
Pesticide type: Fungicide
Substance group: Benzoylpyridine
Chemical formula: C18H20ClNO5

Pyriofenone Solution (CAS# 688046-61-9)


Part #:S-14208A1-1ML

CAS: 688046-61-9
Multilingual MSDS avaliable, please email us to find out more using info@greyhoundchrom.com  

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Chem Service, Inc. - We Set The Standard. Want to know more about our company? See profiles of the people who help make Chem Service, Inc. the best in the business.

Chem Service is accredited to ISO Guide 34:2009, ISO/IEC 17025:2005, and registered and certified to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System for the design, development, production, distribution, and servicing of organic neat and synthetic reference materials.

Chem Service, Inc. offers the convenience, cost savings and reliability of 1,000's of Certified Standards Grade Organic Chemicals at your fingertips.

Whether your lab is big or small, disposal fees are a concern. Our products offer you the ability to have 1000's of different chemicals at quantities ranging from 100mg to 10gms; thus, reducing disposal costs.

Over 95% of our neat Standards Grade materials have a purity of 98.0% or greater, and have been analyzed by three or more (where feasible) independent methods of analysis. These do not require purity corrections when preparing a solution for use with EPA methods. Our more than 13,000 organic and inorganic standards, and solutions, support EPA Methods, ASTM Methods, State UST Methods, Air Monitoring Methods, and International Methods. We offer explosive residue standards, PCB congeners, petroleum hydrocarbon standards for the petrochemical industry, pesticide standards, FAME, and vitamin standards for food analysis.

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