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Safety Cap For HPLC Bottle | Greyhound Chromatography Laboratory Supplies

Solvent Safety Caps | HPLC Safety Caps from Greyhound Chromatography



AIT France presents its own Smart Caps range to suit your HPLC system at best. This range offers you two solutions: - Smart Healthy Caps-Smart Waste Caps

Smart Healthy caps are manufactured in response to modern laboratory safety regulations.

They are made of inert materials resistant to chemicals.

The use of a one-way air check valve allows for low cost safe and secure solvent extraction in your laboratory.

• No solvent evaporation
• Keep your concentration accurate for several days
• No mobile phase external contamination

AIT France offers a diversified range of activated charcoal cartridge for the emission of eluent and solvent vapours; by special charcoal impregnation, the cartridges become an excellent barrier against concentrated acids or bases.

A Smart Waste Cap forms an airtight cap, drilled with a variable number of holes to host effluents tubes outgoing from the HPLC system.

The main piece is a cartridge filled with activated charcoal attached to the cap. This filter allows the absorption of 98% of the solvent's vapours released by the solvent's can.

There are many size and configuration options available to suit your personal needs. Please refer to the catalogue for full products details.

If you have any questions regarding AIT products, please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@greyhoundchrom.com

Greyhound Chromatography is pleased to supply AIT's Smart Caps to Research and Analysis laboratories worldwide. For product information and selection assistance please contact


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