Sucrose Brix / Oil Refractive Index Standards

Paragon Scientific produces a range of sucrose standards for use in the calibration and verification of all types of refractometer e.g. handheld, Abbe and high accuracy digital instruments. Sucrose standards are manufactured using traceable high purity materials to four decimal places following ICUMSA methods. These are the first standards available worldwide which carry a full certification according to ISO 17025 and ISO Guide 34 under UKAS accreditation.

Typically used within the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

• Certified according to ISO 17025 / ISO Guide 34 under UKAS accreditation

• Primary refractive index standards traceable to national standards

• Manufactured in accordance with ICUMSA Methods

• Supplied in tamper evident packs with 6 weeks shelf life

• Manufactured in the United Kingdom

• Monthly delivery contracts available for economy, convenience and reliability