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A processed derivation cannabis, cannabidiol (CBD) is an isolated phytocannabinoid which makes up around 40% of the total cannabinoids found in the plant and which lacks the psychoactive nature of the cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Discovered in 1940, experimentation with the compound was heavily restricted by anti-drug legislation until various US states began the process of legalising both medical and recreational cannabis use. As such, research on the efficacy of the compound is lamentably behind where it could be.

Despite these set-backs, however, research has proliferated in the intervening years and there are a growing number of reports that are able to progress the scientific community’s underlying knowledge of the properties and potential applications of CBD. While science is seldom settled, there are indications that the compound may have a range of clinical uses.

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However, one of the many issues with the limited legality and massive media exposure that CBD has received over the last decade is that it has brought with it a huge amount of disinformation on both sides of the debate. With Greyhound Chromatography providing consumables to the scientific community for almost forty years, our business is in ensuring that the scientific process is carried out with the highest quality supplies - and we believe that the information we provide should meet the same high standards.

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For this reason, we have put together a helpful eBook which deals with much of the controversy and confusion that has arisen around CBD, the claims made by various supplement and food companies that sell CBD products, and some of the ongoing scientific research that has investigated its use for a variety of medical conditions from anxiety to epilepsy.

The eBook looks to answer the fundamental questions surrounding CBD oil, from investigating what it really is, how it is made and its potential benefits in treating a number of medical conditions. It also looks into whether or not these potential benefits are backed by science and if we can really trust a number of claims made by manufacturers and retailers of CBD oil.   

Over the next decade - especially with Mexico set to legalise cannabis, following in the footsteps of several US states, and with some European countries investigating Portugal and the Netherlands as possible models for decriminalisation and legalisation - it is possible that we’ll see a further relaxation of rules around cannabis and its derivatives.


It is important - especially for a compound that has such huge potential for use as a medical treatment - that we maintain a balanced view of the existing evidence and attempt to combat both scaremongering and disinformation from both ends of the spectrum of opinion. So we hope you’ll download our eBook and enjoy reading the information we’ve put together. 


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