From sample entry to final reports, everything an analytical lab does revolves around ensuring accurate data and reliable results. Chromatography vial sample identification can be complicated, because once the sample is in the vial, there is no easy way to identify it.

Current methods, like hand written or adhesive labels, can be illegible or time consuming, and no accurate, reliable and efficient system for vial sample identification existed…until now.

The Virtuoso™ Vial Identification System is the most innovative device for ensuring sample identity and sample security ever developed. By providing a fast, accurate, detailed and reproducible system for producing customized sample information directly onto a vial, Virtuoso has revolutionized vial identification.

Designed by experienced analytical scientists, the Virtuoso System will bring greater productivity to your lab. In addition to the time savings gained by eliminating manual labelling, Virtuoso System software speeds your process by providing an automated download of sample lists, on-demand diagnostics and emergency sample labelling. You can input data from the touch screen interface or make use of Virtuoso’s network connectivity. Not only will you gain more confidence in your sample identification, data shows that you can increase productivity by up to eight times over your current method. That’s a savings of over 200 hours per year for the average lab.

The fully automated Virtuoso Vial Identification System uses proprietary technology to ensure that worries about label permanence are a thing of the past. Resistant to common laboratory solvents, a Virtuoso imaged vial will resist blurring, smudging and withstand the test of time. Virtuoso enables you to create and image the information your laboratory needs directly on the vial. Text, graphics, barcodes and logos are all possible using the touch-screen interface. Not sure about the types of information you want to use? Virtuoso comes loaded with templates that include standard required information. Want to customize information on the vial? Virtuoso makes that easy with a user-defined custom template capability that you create to fit your needs. Designed by people who have spent years in analytical laboratories, the Virtuoso Vial Identification System will turn vial identification from a necessary chore into added value in your laboratory workflow.