Water ULC-MS

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All Biosolve ULC/MS solvents and formulations are checked and guaranteed to meet the demand for: high chemical purity, high UV transmission, lowest peak impurities and drift in the gradient elution tests to ensure reproducibility, low fluorescence impurities and low level of ionic background of less than 100 ppb of Alkali metal.

Biosolve ULC/MS solvents and formulations are micro filtered at 0.1µm, and have a very low residue on evaporation, offering the best protection for your columns and detectors. For routine work, ready-made ULC/MS formulations, such as: Trifluoracetic acid, Formic acid, Acetic acid and Ammonium acetate in Water, Acetonitrile and Methanol mixtures are available. These additives are used to improve chromatographic peak shape and to optimize ionization in the MS interface.

Ultra-pure salts and acids are also available for mobile phase preparation and we are happy to offer custom-made formulations to meet your specific requirements.