ZPure 130cc Dual Filter

The ZPure Dual Filter is a compact filter designed for GC/MS carier gas lines. It will protect the column's stationary phase from oxygen and water degradation, for improved baseline and sinsitivity. It is also recommended for other point-of-use applications that require ultra-pure inert gas. Oxygen and water are removed to very low levels from He, Ar, N2, H2 or methane, at flow rates up to 2 L/min. Gas lines are protected from dust by 10u frits at both ends of the filter.

High efficiency - reduces O2 and water contamination to low ppb levels for high capacity

Stainless steel body with 1/8" S/S Compression fittings

Advanced adsorbent technology allows true removal capacities of 600 cc for oxygen and 6 g for water at flow rates up to 2 L/min.

Dimensions: 3.2 x 28cm