ZPure Glass Indicating Moisture Trap, 46cc

This is an advanced-design gas filter for applications requiring high-efficiency moisture removal with the benefit of a depletion indicator. Up to 6 grams of water is removed to low-ppb levels. The adsorbing materials are Molecular Sieve 5A and cobalt-free CoFreeā„¢ indicator, held in a sturdy glass tube. The gas to be purified contacts only glass, metal and the adsorbents.

CoFree changes colour from greenish-yellow to blue at about 5% relative humidity to signal leaks in the system; the molecular sieve removes moisture to trace levels. The glass tube is sealed with a special dual sealing system for extra protection from leaks. An internal frit at each end prevents particulate contamination.

Dimensions: 3.5 cm x 26 cm

Supplied with 1/8" Brass Compression fittings.

Dual Seal Design: In this design the glass inner tube is protected by a sealed outer plastic tube. Even if the glass tube fails, the gas system is fully protected against leaks.