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ZPure Stainless Steel PolyGas II Purifiers | Greyhound Chromatography

ZPure™ Gas Purifiers and Filters


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An extensive range of convenient point-of-use purifiers with high sensitivity visual indicators for oxygen and water breakthrough

  •  High capacity adsorbents with well-   characterised performance
  •  Integrated stainless steel frits for particle   removal
  •  Fluoroelastomer seals for inertness
  •  Individually helium leak-tested
  •  Available with compression and quick connect   fittings in brass and stainless steel, in a glass   body shielded by an outer polycarbonate   protective body

Note: Filter lifetime is dependent on quality of the incoming gas and the flow rate.

For more detailed specifications on individual applications, please contact Greyhound at sales@greyhoundchrom.com

Gas Purifiers and Filters


Compression Fittings

Seal well and can be broken and retightened many times if used properly. Compatible with industry standard ferrules and tubing.

Compression Fittings Image


Quick Connect Fittings

Used for fast connections and replacements.  They have superior seals using O-rings and check valves  to protect gas lines. 

quick connect Gas filter fittings Image


Gas Filter Adsorbent Image

 ZPure Stainless Steel PolyGas II Purifiers

ZPure PolyGas II Stanless Steel Purifiers


ZPure PolyGas I Purifier

ZPure Stainless Steel PolyGas I Purifier

 ZPure Stainless Steel 02/H20 filters

ZPure 02/H20 Stainless Steel filters

ZPure C02 Stainless Steel Filters

ZPure C02 Filters

ZPure C02 Filters (2)


ZPure™ LS H2O Filters for use with ASTM D6550 and ASTM D5186 using SFC

ZPure™ LS H20 Filter Image

The H2O filter for use with ASTM D6550 and ASTM D5186 using SFC

The ZPure H2O Filter removes moisture from inert gases, He, Ar, N2, H2, methane and clean dry air (CDA) to low ppb levels, with very high capacity. It is recommended for any application that requires ultra-dry gas, and is available in 130cc and 475cc stainless steel cylinders with standard 1/4” and 1/8” brass and stainless steel compression fittings.

ASTM D6550 and ASTM D5186 using Supercritical Fluid Chromatography has been approved as an alternative to FIA ASTM D1319 standard test method for Hydrocarbon Types in Liquid Petroleum Products. This filter was manufactured with molecular sieve 3A by customer request for use with a Supercritical Fluid Chromatograph.

Moisture Removal for Specialized Applications

  •  CO2 purification for SFC - In the petroleum industry, both the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) have approved ASTM D6550 and ASTM D5186 for final product release of gasoline and diesel fuels. In this type of application, the reduced heating of 3A is expected to reduce desorption of already bound moisture, protecting sensitive and expensive columns.
  •  Mixed source gas - Purifiers should not be used to remove water from individual gas samples intended for analysis; some proportionation may occur.  Gas purifiers typically use either molecular sieve 5A or 13X adsorbents to remove water from gas streams. These are beneficial for carrier gases used with GC or GC/MS, because in addition to water they also remove many other common contaminants. (“5” and “13” refer to the adsorbent’s pore diameter in angstroms.) In some applications, however, 3A molecular sieve with smaller pore size may be preferred. It removes water yet excludes almost all larger molecules including CO2, the carrier used in Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC). Since CO2 is excluded there is no significant temperature rise on installation, due to heat of adsorption, which may occur with 5A or 13X purifiers.

Green Colour Filter Header Image

ZPure LS H2O Filter, 130cc, 1/8" S/S Compression Fittings, with Molecular Sieve 3A                              


ZPure LS H2O Filter, 475cc, 1/8" S/S Compression Fittings, with Molecular Sieve 3A


ZPure LS H2O Filter, 475cc, 1/4" Brass Compression Fittings, with Molecular Sieve 3A


ZPure LS H2O Filter, 475cc, 1/4" S/S Compression Fittings, with Molecular Sieve 3A




 Specifications for Filters Header Image 

Specifications for ZPure Filter Image

 Gas Purifiers & Filters 2022 Catalogue Cover Image




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