11mm Aluminium Crimp Cap, Silver with Grey PTFE/Red Q-Sep 2 Septa, 1mm

  • Cleaner than natural rubber
  • Resists harsh chemicals
  • Improved performance

    Q-Sep 2 has been developed as a replacement for natural rubber septa and to improve the overall reliability of the septa.

    The Q-Sep 2 septa was run in comparison to natural rubber septa with a GC/MS extraction method. Results showed that the Q-Sep 2 septa was significantly cleaner than the natural rubber product and is an ideal alternative to natural rubber for clean and reliable GC and GC/MS sample analysis.

    Greyhound’s Q-Sep 2 septa is a high performing alternative liner material to natural rubber, which is readily available in 11mm aluminum crimp caps (Part Number 60-100658).

    With properties that also provide longevity for storage and resistance to UV, the Q-Sep 2 lined crimp cap offers the user a wide range of sample compatibility and reliability.