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 MERCK Catalogues

Catalogue 2 Labware                         Catalogue 3 Reagents                       Catalogue 4 Bio Specialities

Catalogue 5 Chemical Synthesis                         Catalogue 6 Bio Applications                        Catalogue 7 Hematology

Catalogue 8 Stable Isotopes                          Catalogue 9 Flavors & Fragrances                        Merck Cannabis Testing

Empower your Lab

GC Columns

 Macherey Nagel GC Columns Catalogue                  Greyhound Q-Cap Capillary Columns       Trajan GC Consumables              

Merlin Microseal for GC                       MERCK GC Columns Selection Guide

HPLC Columns & Pumps

 Greyhound Q-Col HPLC Columns      Greyhound HPLC Pumps Catalogue       Macherey Nagel HPLC Combined Guide

 TCI New Chiral HPLC Columns Catalogue             TCI HPLC Columns Catalogue                          Silicycle SiliaChrom HPLC Columns Catalogue

Hamilton HPLC Column & Accessories Catalogue       Greyhound HPLC Pump Spares                   Merck Wide Pore HPLC Columns                   

Merck Supelco HPLC & UHPLC Columns Catalogue

Reference Standards

Reference Standards Guide       Honeywell Fluka Analytical Standards Catalogue           Wellington General Catalogue 2021-2023

             Wellington Perfluoroalkyl Compounds

Chem Service General Catalogue               Chem Service Pesticide Standards Catalogue                  Chem Service Combined Reference Standards Catalogue

Chem Service Cannabis Testing Combined File                 Chem Service Pesticide standards mixture                   HPC Standards                       

Extrasynthese List of Products A-D                        Extrasynthese List of Products D-L                       Extrasynthese List of Products L-S                        

Extrasynthese List of Products S-Z                        Paragon Scientific Products & Services Catalogue Paragon Scientific Certified pH Buffer Solutions       

Paragon Scientific Certified Ethanol Standards          High Purity Catalogue                      High Purity Ion Chromatography

Metallo-Organic Standards                          Water Standards                        Speciation Standards                   

ICP-MS Single & Multi Component Standards      ICP Single & Multi-Component Standards        High Purity Hygiene and Air Monitoring

Larodan Lipids Brochure                        Larodan Fatty Acids Brochure                         Wellington Reporters 2012           

Wellington Reporters 2013           Wellington Reporters 2014            Wellington Reporters 2015           

Wellington Reporters 2016           Wellington Reporters 2017            Wellington Reporters 2018          

Wellington Reporters 2019         Wellington Reporter Combined File 2020             Wellington Reporter Combined File 2021            

Wellington Reporter 2022           Wellington Reporter 2022               Wellington Reporter 2022

 Wellington Reporter 2023 Ultrashort Chain PFAS         Wellington Reporter 2023 PFAS Mixtures

Sample Handling

             Chromacol HPLC Syringe Filters Catalogue               Hach Lange Sample Handling Catalogue

 Silicycle Consumables Catalogue                   SiliaQuick QuEChERS Catalogue                     SiliaPrepX SPE Cartridges & Well Plates Catalogue

Q-Fil Membrane Filters       Macherey Nagel SPE Phases                    Macherey Nagel Flash Cartridges

 Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl substances       3M Petrifilm Plates & Plate Readers Catalogue

Supplies & Accessories

Trajan GC Supplies Catalogue                         Trajan Gas Purifiers Catalogue                        Knauer Dosing Pumps selection guide

Knauer Product selection guide 2021           CRS Gas Purifiers and Filters                       OHAUS laboratory equipment catalogue 2023

Macherey Nagel Columns & Supplies 2024

Diluters & Dispensers

Hamilton Micro Lab 600 Series Catalogue


 Trajan GC Consumables Brochure              Swaglok Medium/High Pressure Accessories

  Balances & Scales

 OHAUS Balances and scales catalogue 2023                Adam Balance & Scales Brochure                   Adam Balances Product Catalogue 2024

 GC Ferrules & Seals

 Trajan GC Consumables               Greyhound GC Ferrules & Seals

GC Liners

SGE Enhanced Inlet Liners Guide                        Trajan GC Consumables                 Greyhound Injection Port Liners, GC Inlet Liners & GC Ferrules

SGE Inlet Liners Geometry

GC Septa

 Trajan GC Consumables           CRS GC Septa                    Greyhound GC Septa

Gas Filters

 SGT Super Clean Gas Filters Cartridge Type Guide     SGT Super Clean Gas Filters E-Line Series                      Greyhound ZPure Gas Purifiers & Filters

Gas Purifiers/Filters/Traps

  Gas ARC Regulators Guide                     Peak Scientific Product Catalogue                      Peak Scientific Modular Gas Generation Solution for GC

Chromalytic Gas Generators

Pipettes & Tips

 Hamilton Precision Liquid Handling Pipettes        Hamilton Glass Pipette & PEEK Tubing Connectors

GC Derivitation Reagents

 TCI GC Derivatization Reagents Guide                     Macherey Nagel Derivatization Reagents for GC


 Reagents Siliabond Guide                       TCI Reagents Combined Guide

Solvent Safety Solutions

 AIT Smart Caps 2020-21 Catalogue


 Biosolve Catalogue 2015 - 2017                       Bisolve Headspace Solvents for Analysis of OVI       Biosolve Solvents Combined Guide


 Hamilton Syringes Combined Guide                      SGE Syringes for Laboratories               Dandy Innovations - How to use DandyVice

Trajan Syringes for the Laboratory

Syringe Parts & Accessories

 Hamilton Syringe Parts & Accessories Combined Guide


  Silicycle SiliaPlate TLC Plates Catalogue                Macherey Nagel TLC Combined Guide


 VICI Jour Fluid/Gas Transfer Guide         SGE/Trajan PEEK Tubing Catalogue

Vials & Caps

 Chromacol Vials, Caps & Seals Catalogue                   Silicycle Consumables Guide                       Agilent Certified Vials, Caps & Septa Catalogue

 National Scientific 2008/09 Accessories Catalogue        Greyhound Q-range Vials, Caps & Septa Catalogue         Q-Range PFAS Vials and Closures

Vial Crimpers         Greyhound Screw top Vials for PFAS analysis


PFAS Testing Solutions


 Greyhound CBD Trend E-Book                  Greyhound Vaping E-Book

Honeywell Research Chemical Presentation                         Honeywell Reference Materials Guide

Forever Chemicals - PFAS E-BOOK                           Greyhound Cannabis Testing E-Book

Greyhound Environmental PFAS Guide                            Greyhound Chromatography Reference Standards E-Book

Chem Service Pesticides E-Book                          PFAS Focus

Greyhound Q-Range EBook                          About Us E-book

Our Brands EBook                            Greyhound Logistics E-Book

Merck Smash Packaging

Posters & Papers

 TCI Posters & Papers Combined Guide                       Sigma - Aldrich Cannabis Testing Guide               Macherey Nagel Cannabis Testing Guide

 Chem Service Terpene Mixtures for Cannabis Testing Merck Volatile organic compounds Application note     Merck Manual - Brewery Industry Analysis

Merck Pesticides in Cannabis             Merck Fipronil in eggs       Aflatoxins in cannabis

Improved recoveries for GC    Cannabis Potency testing         Cannabinoid potency

Cannabinoids in Cannabis           Underivatized amino acids        Terpenes in Cannabis

Hydrochloride Profiling             Greyhound Brands guide    PFAS in Food

Policy Documents

Greyhound Modern Slavery Policy                     Greyhound Environmental policy                    Greyhound Health and Safety policy

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy                    Privacy Pledge 2023