Dandy-Vice Bench Stand - The Bench Stand is designed to mount the Dandy Holder for easy use when working on the lab bench - simply attach the Holder to the Bench Stand using the supplied fingertight screw on the back and its ready to use with just one hand.

Here’s some good news about filtering materials in the lab - no more hand pain thanks to the new Dandy-Vice! It is the only solution for filtering materials in a syringe without straining the thumb, thereby preventing long-term pain and damage.

How can Dandy-Vice help me?
As you know, the common method for filtering materials in laboratories - using syringe filters and hand power, especially the thumb - is outdated. We’ve all felt the frustration and thumb pain at the end of the working day... but no more! Dandy-Vice is a friendly, effective and practical device, which can be fitted to any type of syringe, quickly and easily, so that the filtration can be done using the entire arm.

Get your Dandy-Vice now and see the immediate benefit of its innovative design which will take the strain out of filtering your samples and make the use of syringe filters a simple and pain free operation.