Fusion 1010 - Zero Nitrogen & Zero Air Generator (230v)

The Fusion 1010 dual gas generator was developed to deliver high purity zero nitrogen and zero air, for GC carrier & detector gas. The Fusion 1010 also comes with a rapid restart function allowing the unit to be operational shortly after a power cut, or if power is removed from the unit. Ideal for laboratories in locations where a steady power supply cannot be guaranteed.

  • Catalyst chamber removes hydrocarbons (as methane) to <0.1 ppm
  • Zero air and zero nitrogen improve stability of baseline
  • Delivers two separate outputs of zero nitrogen and zero air
  • Rapid restart function allows for immediate supply of gas after a power cut
  • Internal air compressor removes the need for an external source of air
  • Compact size means the generator can fi t under a standard lab bench Noise level lower than most standard laboratory instruments 12 month comprehensive on-site warranty