Genius 1024 - Nitrogen Generator (230v)

Designed exclusively for Sciex applications, the Genius 1024 is a three gas output system providing nitrogen and dry air to supply curtain, source and exhaust gas, effectively superseeding the ABN2ZA, this generator is compatible with a wider range of Sciex LC-MS instruments up to and including the 6500 Series and TripleTOF 6600. The Genius 1024 is built around the trusted and proven technology of Peak Scientific’s Genius series generators. Designed mainly for LC-MS applications, these are self-contained systems featuring integrated compressors, delivering laboratory-grade nitrogen at various pressures and flow rates required by numerous instruments. p>

  • Delivers nitrogen as curtain gas and dry air as source and exhaust gas
  • Developed specifically for Sciex LC-MS instruments
  • Compact, under bench solution
  • Compressor based solution, no need for an external air supply
  • High-specification latest generation compressors located in insulated chamber reducing noise and vibration
  • Service indication to allow planning of preventative maintenance
  • Minimal set-up required
  • Highly economical source of nitrogen gas with low lifetime running costs
  • Gas is supplied on demand so works to your schedule
  • 12 month comprehensive on-site warranty