APG90EC - AZURA P2.1S Pump with 10 ml pump head (Hastelloy C), without pressure sensor

For HPLC and dosing applications

With its small footprint, the compact dual piston pump AZURA P2.1S can be used for a wide range of laboratory tasks. A pressure rating of up to 400 bar and chemical resistance to a wide range of eluents make it the perfect choice for LC and dosing applications. Pump heads with maximum flow rates of 10 and 50 ml/min are available.

Moreover, its exchangeable pump head allows adaptation of the pump for delivery of aggressive media and bioinert applications. The pump head can be heated or cooled with optional accessories.

For additional technical specifications, please view the downloadable brochure.

OTHER PUMP MODELS ARE AVAILABLE ON REQUEST - Please contact our sales department to discuss your specific requirements.