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PFAS In Water

PFAS In Water

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have been detected in water bodies worldwide, including lakes and rivers in the UK, as well as in drinking water sources.  PFAS are known to be persistent in the environment and have raised concerns due to their potential adverse effects on human health and the environment.


PFAS in Lakes & Rivers

Traces of PFAS have been detected in water bodies across the UK, raising concerns about potential environmental and health impacts. The presence of PFAS in UK water bodies is attributed to various sources, including industrial discharges, firefighting foam, and the breakdown of consumer products. Although concentrations may vary, even low levels of PFAS can pose risks to aquatic ecosystems and human health. Ongoing monitoring efforts and regulatory measures are essential to understand and address PFAS contamination, ensuring the protection of water resources and public health in the UK.


PFAS in Drinking Water

With PFAS being present in the UKs water bodies, it is no surprise that there are traces of PFAS in our drinking water too. Whilst the levels of PFAS detected in UK drinking water is generally below regulatory limits, these chemicals are still a threat to our health, PFAS has been associated with various health risks, including impacts on liver function, immune system response, and developmental effects in children.


PFAS levels in UK water bodies and drinking water are continously monitored to ensure compliance with safety standards and to ensure necessary actions are taken if elevated levels are detected. There is growing hope for changes in UK laws to address the presence of PFAS in water sources. With increasing awareness of the potential health and environmental risks associated with PFAS contamination, there is mounting pressure on policymakers to take action.



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