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TCI Chemical Compounds Purified by Sublimation | Greyhound Chromatography

TCI Chemical Compounds Purified by Sublimation


Reagent purity is paramount in countless applications, and is of particular importance when involving electronic materials including polyaromatic hydrocarbons. Pentacene (P0030, P2524) and N,N’-diphenyl-N,N’-di(m-tolyl)-benzidine (D3236) in particular have garnered increased interest for their applications in organic semiconducting materials. The purification of organic compounds is almost entirely conducted via column chromatography or recrystallization. These mainstay procedures are highly effective, but are limited to compounds soluble in organic solvents.

Many electronic materials including PAHs due to their extensive π conjugation and aromaticity are poorly or completely insoluble in organic solvents. Fortunately, this very π conjugation lends to both high volatility with a relatively high sublimation temperature lending to sublimation purification being a highly effective purification avenue. To address research and industry demands, TCI has introduced several electronic materials purified by sublimation which can be readily and reliably used in a variety of research applications. 


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